Shackleton Yarn is an exclusive yarn designed by myself and croftspun by Jani Estell of Starcroft Fiber Mill. 

Content: 90%  Flat Island Fleece ~ 10% Silk                            2 oz~ 200 Yards ~ 2ply                                                                  Wool Origin: Flat Island, Maine                                                    Price: $21.00 plus associated tax & shipping     

note: due to the nature of the spinning process this yarn preforms as a "handspun" yarn and offers a diverse, textured experience.  Best comparable between a light fingering and fingering weight. 

How to Order Yarn: if you would like to purchase yarn please contact me at  I appreciate your patience and consideration as I will be fielding orders via email and invoicing via PayPal. 

Orders will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.  Mailings will be done 1x per week.  Shipping will be calculated and included in the invoice. 


Pictured below in the Abide by Kirsten Kapur the yarn lends itself to a variety of accessories and garments.  It exemplifies it's wild, island heritage with durability and tensile strength but does not compromise on elegance. 

Photography by Gale Zucker

Photography by Gale Zucker

Flat Island is located off the coast of Maine and is home to a small flock of island sheep.  Their heritage includes a healthy dose of  Romney and Coopworth leading to a long stapled, lustrous wool.  This flock also contains an amazing assortment of diverse grey, brown, and charcoal, fleeces.  Highlighted below is the 2016 trip to shear.