hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Sarah Hunt - Host, Executive Producer

Sarah Hunt currently lives in the Maine North Woods, T3 Indian Purchase where she is surrrounded by plenty of fiber…tree fiber that is!  Luckily, she keeps a healthy stash of yarn and fleece to keep her knitting needles clacking and her wheel spinning.  Her passion for all things fiber began on a providential trip to Orkney, Scotland in January which involved a rather powerful gale, large ferry boat and Orkadian shepherd.  She never turned back after lambing out 700 shetland on a small island in the North Sea.

Now, a Speech Language Pathologist, she continues to pursue her fiber passion with her latest project, Fiber Trek™.  She moved to T3 Indian Purchase in 2009 to marry a Baxter State Park Ranger.  Prior to living in working in the Maine North Woods, Sarah worked for Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine as their Director of Education.  She has a strong passion for supporting local foods, fiber and farms. You can often find her with knitting needles,  ski polesor a canoe paddle in her hands.  She loves to cook, make bread and adventure with her husband and dogs.

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Tyler Walker - Camera Operator, Editor, Executive Producer

Tyler Walker is learning a lot about fiber these days, in fact he just started the fine art of crocheting! His beanie will be finished eventually. 

Until then he focuses on his primary passion that is motion images.

After studying the language of media art at Sheridan College in Canada, Tyler has since filmed the Egyptian National Football team, an angry bull elephant, and a successful summit of Cotopaxi.

His latest filming adventure (when he's not in the editing cave), is capturing moments of his 1 year old daughter trying to race with mommy!